Elections, Students’ Gymkhana

General Elections'18, Students' Gymkhana

For any queries/complaints contact:

Pranjal Dixit
Chief Election Officer
Students' Gymkhana 2017-18
Phone: +91-7755048060
Email: ec_sg@iitk.ac.in

Manifestos of Candidates for the posts of Executives are:

1. President, Students' Gymkhana – 

Rutuj Jugade            Manifesto            Video Manifesto            Executive Dialogue

(against NOTA – None of the above)

2. General Secretary, Science, and Technology  –

Anvesh Jadon          Manifesto            Video Manifesto            Executive Dialogue

(against NOTA – None of the above)

3. General Secretary, Media and Culture –

Anshu Pandey         Manifesto            Video Manifesto            Executive Debate

Swapnil Kumar       Manifesto            Video Manifesto            Executive Debate

(against NOTA – None of the above)

4. General Secretary, Games, and Sports –

Tizil Saini                Manifesto            Video Manifesto            Executive Dialogue

(against NOTA – None of the above)

Manifestoes of Candidates for the posts of Senators are:

Labhansh Agrawal
Sagar Chand
Tony John
Animesh Mishra
Pranav Sao
Pranshu Garg
Pratyush Rai
Shivam Gupta
Aayushi Bansal
Abhay Kumar Mishra
Ayush Singh
Mukund Maheshwari
Richeek Awasthi
Shivam Saini
Yash Mahajan
MTech Y16
Arjak Bhattacharjee
Chalumuri Sivananda
Kapil K. Dayma
Mahendra Kumar
MSc/MSc-PhD Y15 Praharsh M. Patel
MSc/MSc-PhD Y16
Ritesh Verma
S. Vishaal
MBA/ MDes Y16 Ankit Panwar
MSR Alluru Srinivas
PhD Y14 +
Aditya S. Desai
Chandra Sekar
PhD Y15 K. Kishore Kumar

















Call for Nominations

Nominations are hereby invited for the following posts in the Students' Gymkhana for the Gymkhana Year 2016-17:

Name of Post No. Of Posts
President, Students' Gymkhana 1
General Secretary, Games, and Sports 1
General Secretary, Science, and Technology 1
General Secretary, Cultural 1
General Secretary, Films, and Media 1
Senator, PhD 3rd Year and earlier batches 7
Senator, PhD 2nd Year 2
Senator, PhD 1st Year and MSc PhD 3rd Year 2
Senator, MBA/ MDes, 2nd year 1
Senator, MBA/ MDes, 1st year 1
Senator, MSc (2 years) 1st Year and MSc (2 years) 1
Senator, MSR all Batches 1
Senator, MTech (2 Year), 1st year 4
Senator, BT-BS, 1st Year 6
Senator, BT-BS, 2nd Year 6
Senator, BT-BS, 3rd Year 6
Senator, BT/BS-MT/MS/MBA, 4th Year 2

Members who shall officiate till the convocation of the Institute will be: 

Post No. Of Posts
Senator,  BT/BS-MT/MS/MBA, 4th Year 2
Senator, MTech (2 Year), 2nd Year 2
Senator, BT/BS-MT/MS/MBA, 5th Year   2
Senator, BT/BS, 4th Year 4

The Pre-conduction Report of the Students' gymkhana General elections is available here.

The Rules and Regulations of the Elections are available here. Please go through the document before considering filing for nominations.

 The nomination forms are available at the following links-

Senator Nomination Form

Executive Nomination Form

The filing of nominations would take place according to the following schedule-


Venue: Senate Hall (For Senators)

             Games and Sports Room (For Executives)

Timing: 10th January 2017, 08:30 – 10:30 PM

Candidates may please note that under no circumstances will nominations be accepted after the mentioned deadline.

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