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    There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

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    A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

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    If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

  • Here you can learn the concepts of Robotics. No prior experience required, Enthusiasm is all we need.

    Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

About Us

This is what we are.

The Robotics Club of IIT Kanpur is a fraternity, not just a group but a faction of such students whose passions dwell in beholding wires and metal beget a machine that has a brain of its own. It's here, that seeds of lecturing are sown by those experienced and erudite, nurtured by the interested and novice , pruned by minute yet unprecedented errors and harvested in competitions all over India. The Club offers indispensible guidance, workshops and tutorials along with tools, equipments, components and workspace. The family meets periodically to discuss over matters such as the management of the workspace, workshops, projects and competitions. We welcome anyone, with or without prior knowledge, who wishes to be a part of this fraternity. There are no pre-requisites to join because we have members that believe in the transfer of knowledge, especially that which concerns our precious interest in Robotics.

Our Work Process.


Exploring project ideas, thinking out of the box, innovation is what we are good at.


Designing our projects for optimum working and working on details makes us look different.


Constructing the robot, doing trial runs, minimizing the human errors.


And finally delivering the robot to the club and to IITK junta.

A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture; a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.

Techkriti'13 Lectures

Here are all the Club Lectures and Materials for your Reference.

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Takneek'12 Lectures

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems is a good tutorial to learn the basics of microcontroller programming.

Introduction to ROS (Robot Operating System)

Programming for Robots becomes difficult as the scale of robotics grows. Different types of robots can have wildly varying hardware and structure. So, Calibration, Integratin and Debugging becomes a challenging task. Here come the role of ROS.
ROS (Robot Operating System) provides libraries and tools to help you create robot applications and Softwares.


These are the links for the datasheets of different ICs.


This tutorial teaches the use of mobile phones to wirelessly control bots.

Image Processing

This tutorial teaches elementary image processing.

Sample Codes

These are the sample codes that can be used to understand the basic principles of robotics programming.


This tutorial teaches the PID method for line following bots.


Check out our popular projects.

Long term projects



Check out more projects.

News and Achievement

Our latest posts and rants.


Won 1st prize in "Techkriti Inovation Challenge" and 1st and 3rd prize in "Wild-Soccer"

Inter IIT Tech meet

Bagged silver medal in two events "Hardware" and "Embedded"


Won the first prize in Wild-Soccer.

IITians develop a Transformer.

Done by first years students during summers, the robot is capable of transforming in many orientations/positions.

TechFest Results

  • First in Interceptor (Image Processing Event)-Harshad Sawhney, Sakshi Sinha, Dhrupal, Anurag Lohia
  • Third in Interceptor (Image Processing Event)-Vineet Garg, Shivendu Bhushan, Swapnil Jha, Amit Anand
  • Second in Solar Express-Malay Kumar, Prateek Sahu, Anurag Prabhakar
  • Third in Solar Express- Anurag Dwivedi, Rudra Pratap Suman
  • Fourth in GridMaster-Abhishek Sharma, Vivek Kumar, Deepali Mittal
  • Robowars-The first pneumatics warrior bot build at IITK : Quarter Finalist
  • Robowars Team: Abhijit Verma, Abhishek Attal, Saket Kanodia, Neelesh Kumar, Kanhaiya Lal Chaurasiya, Khalid

Techkriti 2013 Results

  • Wild Soccor 1st & 3rd Position
  • Transformers 1st position - Nikhil Kurele, Sandeep Maharia, Aman Kumar, Pranshul Jain
  • Tic-Tac-Toe (Image Processing – two bots one manual and one autonomous play against each other): 2nd Position
  • International Robot’s Got Talent (IRGT) : 2nd Position

Other Results

  • Techfest 2009, IIT Bombay : In January, one of our teams comprisng of Ankur Agarwal and Ashish Bajpai entered the semi-finals of an image-processing event. Considering the level and extent of participation in Techfest that was a brilliant performance.
  • Techkriti 2009, IIT Kanpur : Our home technical event had much to offer in Robotics as the problem statements intrigued and challenged every robo enthusiast in the country.
  • Summer 2009 : It was in itself a great achievement as the projects done were quite advanced when talking in terms of microcontroller usage, programming and also the mechanical aspects as well.
  • Techniche 2009, IIT Guwahati : A team led by Suhas Banshiwala secured second position in an image processing based event.
  • Aavishkar 2009, NIT Allahabad : A team comprising Ankur Agarwal, Vikas Mishra, Tanay Pandey and Mayank Kumar secured second position in an image processing based event, thereby proving our excellence in the field of image processing, one of the toughest areas of robotics.
  • Techkriti 2010, IIT Kanpur : RoboClub wins 2nd & 3rd Prizes in Broklyn Builder (based on Image Processing & Covert Operations) . Also, 3rd Prize in Rescue Robot.
  • Techkriti 2011, IIT Kanpur : First in Wild Soccer.
  • Techfest 2012, IIT Bombay : Gold in CricBot(IP) by a team consisting of Sachin, Ankan, Sharad and Ayush.
  • Techkriti 2012, IIT kanpur : Second in Oceans 14(IP) and consolation in Isle of Tortuga (wall following).

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your doubts.

Who can join the club?

Students from any batch or branch, stydying in IIT Kanpur, who has interest in robotics, is free to be a part of the club activities.

How to join the club?

There is no official way to join the club. Just attend lectures and participate to be a part of the club.

What are the prerequisites to join the club?

No prerequisite as such. Just be enthusiastic and sincere to join the club.

Where to find the resources to learn robotics?

Attend lectures and refer to the tutorial section in the club website for datasheets , eBooks and links. If still any doubt persists then “google it”.

What if I miss any of the lecture?

Nothing to worry about, just contact the secretary in your respective halls and do attend lectures in future.

We don’t have laptops in first year so how do we program our bot?

The basic programming is done in C, so you can write the logic of the program in main cc in a .txt file and then contact the secretary in your hall to get it finalised to be programmed into your bot.

How are the components issued in the club?

Just contact the resource manager secretary and fill the ‘component issuing form’ being set as home page of chrome browser in the club’s computer (you can alse find the link to this form on the sidebar). You may have to submit caution money.

In what ways can I be penalised by the club?

See Rules and Regulations.

I want to work in club. How can I do it?

Contact any of the secretaries, he/she will provide you with the keys of the club so that you can work there. Storage room is out-of-bounds, so you will have to get your components issued before-hand.

I have a new idea to work on. How can I go ahead with the idea?

Prepare an abstract describing the idea and its possible implementation. Present the abstract to the club co-ordinators.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us.

Meet The Coordinators.

Ankit Kumar
Room B-305/5
Anvesh Jadon
Room A-305/10
Hemant Kumar
Room B-304/5
Mayank Mittal
Room A-305/5

Meet The Secretaries.

Ankit Kumar
Room B-305/5
Deepak Gangwar
Room 267/3
Hello there
Sri krishna
Room 148/3
Jatin Gupta
Room A-100/2
Pranay Shah
Room A-428/10
Saurabh Dharme
Room B-308/5
Shitabh Gupta
Room B-309/5
Shruti Agrawal
Room A-510/GHT
Tushar Tiwari
Room G374/2
Shibhansh Dohare
Room 266/3
Anvesh Jadon
Room A-305/10
Hemant Kumar
Room B-304/5
Yogendra Kumar
Room B-432/10
Sahil Taraiya
Room G-275/2
Kartik Mital
Room G-373/2
Pulkit Sharma
Room B-428/10
Abhishek Bansal
Room B-426/10
Jatin Agarwal
Room 266/3
Labhansh Agrawal
Room A-215/5
Jayant Agrawal
Room C304/10
Mayank Mittal
Room A-305/5
Abhishek Rai
Room B-311/5

Kanpur Market Stuff

PCB Printing
PCB printing lab is at ACES 125. They charge for the it. Charges are Rs. 1000 as setting charges and Rs. 30 per sq inch for through hole plating two layer PCB with green masking layer and (i.e. we normally use in our club). Minimum to manufacture 15 days. They don't accept cash/cheque/DD. Money needs to transferred officially though institute project. It is not probablay a good option for PCB printing owing to high prices and much time

USB to Serial Cord
It is difficult to get anywhere else in Kanpur other than at Computer Shop (forgot the name) at Barakhamba Road. Go to Bada Chouraha by Vikram and then get rickshaw.

Aluminium Angles, sheets, rods
Various shops in Gumti. Purushottam Brothers in Latoushe road. Provides aluminium plates ,angles of various different shapes and sizes.

Wiper Motor, Metallic Rods, pillow block bearings, bearings, etc.
Bearing:there are about 30 shops in 'gurunanak market' in 'Gadarian Purwa', Vijaynagar. Metallic Rods(each and every type you can imagine ): about 20 shops at 'santnagar chauraha' about 2 km. inside cocacola chauraha(just before Gumti no. 5) wiper motors (used): at vijay nagar Chauraha there's a shop named 'Auto garage' that is a starting point to a market where you can find wiper motors, spare parts of trucks, cars and many other things at really low cost (exclude travelling expenses ) about 20~30 % of the MRP. Fabrication shop: there are some places all over kanpur where fabrication work can be done.The problem is they will not do discrete job.I have some contacts and addresses (contact me if you need some)

Online Shops

Roborium .
Robokits(India) - Ahmedabad based vendor.
Vega Robokits(India) - Gives good discounts on bulk orders. Email him to order.
Robosoft Systems(India)
Mechtex, Pranshu, Servo Electronics(India) - Check them out for good quality motors
Rhydo labs(India) - Sparkfun franshisee in India.
Online Tps shoppe(India)
Tenet Technetronics - Near Bangalore.
Autopay Solutions West Bengal based vendor
Probots: Bangalore based. Also has pcb printing facility
RS delivers - everything electronics and mechanical website

Open website
Chennai based company
Provides technical solution to the problems
Our trusted vendor