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Navya is a group of students interested in improving the standard and quality of computing of campus. Consequently, it is often observed that Navya has set out to make FOSS/linux more popular, both in typical day-to-day use as well as in development related application. Legend has it that the hidden agenda of Navya was and still is to conquer the world - we choose not to comment on that belief.

Navya was started by a bunch of kids for a bunch of kids and is now being run by another bunch of kids offering various services to the kids on the campus.

Since we cater to the needs of the campus major works can be accessed from our internal wiki.

We hang out at #navya at freenode. You are most welcome to join us there. You can also join our mailing list at let us know of your questions, suggestions and criticism at navya@googlegroups.com or better yet, contribute those changes at github.

FLOSS everyday! ;)