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Megabucks, IIT Kanpur’s Annual Business and Entrepreneurship Festival, is a fertile breeding ground for young entrepreneurs, a gathering of the country’s, indeed the world’s, brightest minds and a grand stage for you to showcase your business acumen and creativity. While Megabucks ’09 takes you on the roller-coaster ride of your life, the Hospitality Team will be at work constantly, making sure your stay is smooth and comfortable. Providing the warmest and finest hospitality services has been a tradition at IIT Kanpur, one that we plan to uphold. We promise to leave no stone unturned in making Megabucks ’09 a memory you would cherish.


To ensure we do our best in making your stay at IIT Kanpur comfortable, kindly register for accommodation through this website as soon as possible. Please note that if you plan to seek accommodation in the IIT Kanpur campus during the festival, you are required to register online.


You are expected to arrive on the day or a day before the commencement of the festival, i.e. 8th January, 2009. The duration of your stay is expected to coincide with the duration of the festival.



Megabucks ’09 will reimburse participants to the tune of Rs. 500 or sleeper class train fare from their college to Kanpur and back, whichever is less.