“There is nothing as powerful as a new idea in the hands of a first-class entrepreneur.”


Who will change the world for good? Is it the government? Or, is it the corporate world? None, if you ask us. The world will have its best chance of being a better place when each individual will be a change maker. This is the idea we want to espouse and get across through India Inspired. This year, under the banner of India Inspired, we are organizing Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. The aim of this conference is to both inform and inspire.


Social Entrepreneurship is the force borne out of the fusion of the business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit of the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and heartfelt concern for their less fortunate fellow beings and the will to improve it against all odds of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa; the amalgamation of the best of brains and most selfless of hearts.


A Social Entrepreneur identifies a social problem and finds for it a solution that is replicable, scalable and self-sustainable. This is not about charity. This is not just about helping a few from the humungous mass of humanity deprived of all dignity. This is about impact. This is about innovation, scale and efficiency.


To grace the stage there will be social entrepreneurs whose lives are a testimony to what Thoreau meant when he said, “But man's capacities have never been measured; nor are we to judge of what he can do by any precedents, so little has been tried.” These are the people who with little else but an idea and a conviction have shown what a man is capable of. These are the people who have touched lives of not just hundreds and thousands but lakhs and lakhs of human beings, bringing them economic well being and restoring their social dignity. These are the people who are tirelessly working to reach more and more in need all the while giving ideas to the world that can be emulated and implemented with success.


They will be sharing their story: their motivation, the challenges, the struggle and their vision. These stories will not just be a source of inspiration but case studies in what needs to be practically done to implement and execute an idea in the most effective manner such that it is self-sustainable, and makes the greatest impact.




Arbind Singh - Social Entrepreneur of the year 2008
Prema Gopalan - Founder, Swayam Shikshan Prayog
Dr. S. Rajagopalan - Founder, Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE)
Sohini Bhattacharya - Director, South Asia Partnerships, Ashoka Foundation