If entrepreneurship and innovation are the engines and fuel of progress, entrepreneurs are its drivers. Impresario is all about celebrating that spirit and those people who think, take risk, put themselves on line and herald change to create a new world, a better world. .


Impresario this year has grown bigger and set itself goals more ambitious than ever before. Besides its long standing objectives of providing encouragement and a platform to young entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas to a wider and receptive audience, it has set itself the goal of playing a more active role in creation of the ecosystem that fuels the spirit and breeds that culture of entrepreneurship


Impresario this year will be the melting pot of ideas from VCs, entrepreneurs, government officials, researchers and other stakeholders. The purpose is to find the conditions that are to be met to make Lucknow-Kanpur region the next IT-Hub. Besides hosting an open discussion to this end, we also want to reach out to more and more entrepreneurs to get their views and ideas as to what they think needs to be done. This feedback will be used by Department of Information Technology and Electronics , Uttar Pradesh towards the pursuit of this goal. And in continuance of what is the tradition of Impresario, this year, it will again be the platform where some of the best and promising ventures will be competing with one another to woo VCs for seed money.