"Quizzing is not an art, its an addiction..."

The question has been asked, the quizmaster is waiting, and the prize is all yours if you can figure out just how do they keep the Pringles chips from breaking while packing. And anxiously waiting for you to stumble is that FMCG company team who gets it on the pass. And on stake is your ego. The timer is ticking.

Cliffhanger is where you beat the best trivia-munchers at their own game. The best teams from the biggest corporate houses and the elite B-Schools will stand trial at the hands of renowned quizmasters. In addition to the main event, an online treasure hunt will be launched under the banner of Cliffhanger on 1st January 2009.

Prizes for the main quiz at Cliffhanger '09 line up as follows:

First :      INR 40,000

Second: INR 20,000

Third :     INR 10,000