The Problem Statement

Xerox in India started almost 25 years back with a single product focus in the copier business. Over a period of time, the brand Xerox has become synonymous with the copier and became a generic name. Today, Xerox has clearly demarcated business addressing varied needs of different target audiences. The Strength of Xerox = Photocopiers is no more relevant today and has become a challenge. In essence, despite the varied diversified product range and solutions, consumers still perceive Xerox as a photocopier company  (For more details please see and download the presentation).


The Xerox brand has become noun, verb and adjective…With changing market dynamics, Xerox’s line of business, the one through which it attained ‘generic’ brand stratus is not relevant any more today. Its acquired strength has now become its biggest hurdle, viz. for it to evolve with time as customers still perceive it with what it used to be. At Xerox, changing gear and diversifying is in full swing, but that of changing perception is the biggest hindrance for an accelerated move.


Your task is to design an advertisement for Xerox Corp that accomplishes the afore-mentioned goals.





1. The size of the advertisement should not exceed 8 inch x 8 inch.


2. Teams of 3 or less are allowed.

3. Email your entries by 8th January 2009 to or you can also submit your entry at the Admad desk in SAC at IITK.



The participants are required to give a short presentation upto 5 minutes in front of the judges on 10th January, 2009.


Time    : 11 A.M.

Venue : PBCEC, Visitor's Hostel (VH)




Prizes for Print Ad are as follows:

First :      INR 8,000

Second: INR 5,000


Deadline for submission in all categories has been extended to 8th January, 2009.

Print Ad launched in AdMad. Submission Deadline: 8th January, 2009.

TV Ad launched in AdMad. Submission Deadline: 8th January, 2009.

Strategy Ad launched in AdMad. Submission Deadline: 8th January, 2009.