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Herculis cycle, green color, two pedal have two different color (one is black another is red), “Big ben” is written behind the cycle seat


Its a black watch of Fossil brand. It was left next to the sofa in CCD last night (11th May 2019) at around 12.30 am.


Gold plated with American diamond

cycle key

Cycle key having black plastic top with one plane loop over it.

Keychain and Keys

Keychain has a wooden dice. At least 4 silver-ish keys and one golden-ish key.

Mobile Phone

Red back, MOTO, Broken screen

Wallet with Alumni ID Card, SBI ATM

Paper wallet, pale yellow colour. Containing little money, IITK Alumni ID Card, SBI ATM, and few photographs.

Identity Card

Institute identity card, RollNo.: 18200263

Sonata red black watch

I lost it around 7:45 pm 8th march

Mi Band HRX edition

The main device is missing from the band.It fell down somewhere between hall 13 and oat.
Kindly inform if someone got it

Lost a keyring having four keys (one in Golden colour) with a red USB sticksomewhere between Kendra Vidyalaya and GH 2(Hall 6).

Realme 2 Pro mobile

Black realme 2 pro, Black mobile cover, Illustrator art as wallpaper.

Black Wallet

Contains Institute ID Card, Driving License and 2 debit cards (ICICI & IDBI)

Identity card and atm card sbi

My iitk identity card roll no 170433 name nikhil and a sbi debit card

Pen Pouch

Black pen pouch with football playing figures on top in grey. Two chains. The front pocket has a paper with my name and phone number.


Specs frame has three colors red, blue and white.

Bunch of Keys

Key Has a wooden key ring of counselling services. Total number of keys are 5.

Black Hoodie

Black color Hoodie, with surname PANTHRI written on the back. Someone who checked out b/w 4:30-5:15 PM mistakenly might have taken it.

Wallet containing ATM and ID card

Brown color wallet having 220 Rs cash and ViSA ATM CARD and ID card

Key ring

Smiley keyring with 4 keys

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