Contact information

(Last updated on 12th April 2019)

NamePostE-mailContact No
Rahul Sethi

(Officiating) President, Students Gymkhana

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Yash Maheshwari

(Acting) Chairperson, Students' Senate


Rahul Sethi

UG Secretary, Academics and Career


Arun Kumar Agarwal

PG Secretary, Academics and Career


Nipun Goyal

(Acting) General Secretary, Media and Cultural


Abhigyan Verma

General Secretary, Science and Technology


Jaspreet Singh

General Secretary, Games and Sports

+91 8355049486

Gopal Singh Parihar

DPM, Students Gymkhana Office

(91)-512-259-4546 , 9450908004

Ashish Srivastava

Supervisor, Students Actvity Centre

(91)-512-259-4545 , 9307103686

Rahul Chaudhary

Supervisor, Students Actvity Centre (91)-512-259-4545 , 8726190555

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