This Project is the vision to make IIT Kanpur hostels energy efficient. It is a fact that Hostels of IIT Kanpur community uses a huge amount of energy and it is also very obvious that we waste quite a sizable chunk of it. IIT Kanpur’s energy bill keeps up around INR 9-10 crore per year. This amount is huge and thus naturally attracts attention when we understand that quite a lot of energy is being wasted, which in turn would mean that huge amount of financial resources are being wasted. Making the Hostel area energy efficient will not only help the institute reduce its expenses but also helps us fulfil our moral responsibility of not wasting this precious resource, which is scarcely available to rest of the people of the country. The change is always associated with small difficulties or teething troubles; which are quite common even while implementing a perfectly feasible recommendation. We are confident that this will be the first step  to make IIT Kanpur energetically the most efficient campus in India.

For viewing the Energy Audit Report of IITK click here.
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