Weightage in Green Opus: 70 pts

TOPIC: Steps Taken by your Pool to Reduce Wastage of Resources

Create a small video to show the measures taken by your hall residents to reduce the wastage of resources during the period of green opus and/or otherwise.

Submit your entries to: iitk.ge3@gmail.com by 31st January 2013

Rules and Regulations:

  • The idea and innovation will be given more weightage. The steps taken by the pool shoul be clearly highlighted. Editing and camera work will not be of primary importance.
  • The duration of the movie should be less than 10 mins.
  • One entry per pool
  • Content of the movie should be appropriate for public screening.
  • If there is any speech it should be in English.

Criteria for Judgement:

  • FB Likes: 30%
  • Judgement: 70%