Weightage in Green Opus: 70 pts

Electricity wastage is not just restricted to the campus hostels but is pretty much seen in the academic area as well. Present to us your ideas on how measures to curb this wastage can be implemented, while also incorporating environment friendly practices.

This unique Case Study competition, we hope, will challenge the individual’s decision making and strategic thinking capability under a set of realistic goal constraints and dynamic challenges and most importantly, motivate people to be a part of the changing mindset.

Rules of Participation:
Teams must submit synopsis of their case study along with their case study in .pdf format to iitk.ge3@gmail.com by January 31st, 2013.

Entries must contain the following:

  1. Cover or title page – Team Name, Team Pool name, Team members’ names and contacts.
  2. Brief summary – This is a written outline of the case study summarizing all key points .It could include a situation analysis, research, goals and objectives, strategies and tactics, and evaluations. Teams without the synopsis will be disqualified.
  3. Research summaries, proposals for parallel supporting programs.

Entering the competition

  • Multiple entries can be sent from one pool.

Points Distribution

  • Entries from each pool will be judged to decide the ONE entry representing that pool.
  • These entries will then compete for the points 1.0, 0.6, 0.3 and 0.1 respectively given to the teams according the final order of merit.

Guidelines for the event:

  1. Use your research. Research should influence every decision, and your entry needs to clearly show the judges how you used your research to make all your decisions.
  2. The quality of a program’s research, planning, execution and evaluation are the essential judging criteria.
  3. The feasibility and effectiveness of the ideas suggested. The timeframe in which they can be implemented will also carry weightage.
  4. Follow the rules. Entries will lose points or be disqualified for not complying with the rules, which maintain a fair competition, at the sole discretion of the judges.