Group for Environment and Energy Engineering (GE3) is back with Green Opus, the Inter-hall sustainability championship, this time with more charm to it. This time it accounts for 12% (total points:1200) in the General Championship and the stakes are even higher. Green Opus has always been known as the event which can turn tables in the General Championship and this phase will decide the final winner of Green Opus 2012-13. The second and final phase shall include:

Electricity Usage Reduction (Weightage in Green Opus: 600 pts)

  • Base months: September 2011, January 2012
  • Judging months: September 2012, January 2013
  • Percentage reduction in per capita energy usage from “Base Months” to “Judging Months” will be calculated.

Food Wastage Reduction (Weightage in Green Opus: 360 pts)

  • Judging Month: January 2013
  • Average per capita food wastage will be calculated for each pool during the judging month.
  • The average per capita food wastage will be compared across all the pools and based on that rankings will be decided.

Poster Design (Weightage in Green Opus: 50 pts)

  • Topic: Water Wastage on Campus
  • Details can be found here.

Case Study Competition (Weightage in Green Opus: 70 pts)

  • Topic: Investing in the Green Thoughts
  • Details can be found here.

Video Making (Weightage in Green Opus: 70 pts)

  • Topic: Steps Taken by your Pool to Reduce Wastage of Resources
  • Event details can be found here

Environment Quiz (Weightage in Green Opus: 50 pts)

  • Will be taking place on 29th January 2013, tentatively.

Now is the time to become more responsible and contribute to the  environment. It can’t get better than this. An environment friendly lifestyle will not only help save the planet, it will also help your pool win.

“Be Responsible,
Help Your Pool Win!”

Submit all your entries at: by 31st January 2013.

For any queries, you may contact:
Avish Rana:
Shashank Shekhar:
Sahil Bhandari: