Poster Design competition (Weightage in Green Opus: 50 pts)

TOPIC: Water Wastage on Campus

Though not noticed by many, water wastage on campus is a big issue. From leaky taps and plumbing in the half-a-century old buildings to taps not properly closed, lead to humongous wastage of water. Create a poster on this problem, which will sensitize this issue among the campus residents and encourage them to take some action in this regard because half the time, all it takes is a walk to the hall office to save hundreds, if not thousands of litres of water from going to waste.
The poster will be judged on the idea behind the poster and how accurately and effectively the message is conveyed rather than the visual appeal of the poster. Hand drawn posters are also allowed. The best poster may be used by GE3 for promotional activities with proper credit given to you.
The best poster from each pool will be used for the final pool wise results.

Submit entries to: by 31st January 2013.


  • Poster must be of A3 size
  • Direct copy of an image or poster from the internet is not allowed. If caught, your entry will be disqualified
  • Hand drawn entries allowed
  • No limit on entries per pool
  • All image manipulation software are allowed
  • Entries must incorporate a brief explanation of the poster’s content
  • All entries will be uploaded in the GE3 FB Page
  • The best poster from each pool will be used for the final pool wise results

Criteria For Judgement:

  • FB likes                                                 :  30%
  • Judgement                                         :  70%

Results will be announced after Green Opus ends.