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To spread the awareness for energy conservation at students’ level, 5 IIT’s (IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras) are locking horns in the Inter-IIT Energy Saving Championship to be held for three months starting form 1st September. With new definitions to old traditional IIT rivalry IIT’s will be fighting among each other to cut down on their electricity uses and become most energy efficient amongst them. IITs are creating waves across the nation. Being one of the first technological institutes to take an initiate one of its kind in the field of energy conservation and efficiency.

IIT Bombay did its energy survey in 2007 (by a class of M.Tech. students), IIT Kanpur followed in 2008 (by GE3 members), the next logical step was to create a movement which sweeps across all the academic campuses across the country and make us the forbearer of the nations development. What could be better than a competition do this given the never-say-die competitive nature of students at IITs!!! Just that has been done by IIT Bombay students…

IITs have something in common, the courage to explore the unexplored. IITs are taking part in this championship in which everybody will ultimately be the champion, the champion of the our rights and duties towards the world in the area of energy saving and generation.

On the behalf of IIT Kanpur GE3 members are co-ordinating the participation of IIT Kanpur in this event.