Today the world is standing at the threshold of change. We are already witnessing changes at scales which were unimaginable 20 years before. With the rise of nations such as China and India the world order seems to be changing rapidly. We are now witnessing some of the grimmer effects of globalization.

These are momentous times and one can daresay that the next 20-30 years might decide the fate of the mankind as we know it. The world is changing so fast that it is difficult to predict the scenario after 20 years but one can be sure of one thing that at this rate our energy resources won’t last long. We have done irreparable damage to the environment already and are on the path of self destruction.

We draw two conclusions:

i)To survive we have to save the environment.
ii)To develop we have to not only save energy but discover new sources and utilize them efficiently.

Sustainable development is the key to a happier future. The massive hunt for the next big idea is on. Scientists and engineers all over the world are raking their brains and digging deep into whatever knowledge humanity has got to find lasting solutions for the energy and environmental problems that we are facing right now and which are certain to become worse in very near future.

Inception of GE3 is a logical outcome of these waves of change. We are a group dedicated to work for what we say to be the future. Currently based in IIT Kanpur we are a group of sharp minds who share the vision that one day every house and village will become energetically self dependent.We believe that possibilities can be turned into opportunities and opportunities into fully fledged goals. We believe solving the environment and energy problems can alleviate our country from several of its problems and make it shoot itself right amongst the top nations of the world. This belief is what brought us all together and is driving us to do whatever we can to make our fellowmen believe in what we believe to be true.Our world needs energy and energy as such needs dissemination. It has to be looked upon as a tool for progress and not as a social issue to be just blabbered upon.

Our future depends on our own efforts and we appreciate this fact. Moreover we see tremendous growth opportunities in this area and envision it as becoming the most vibrant commercial market in the years to come.

We want to share with you our vision of Clean Environment and Total Energy Independence!