Group for Environment & Energy Engineering (GE3) presents Green Opus 2011-12, IIT Kanpur’s Inter-Hall Sustainability Championship. This year, it gets bigger and better with the inclusion of the ‘Mess Food Wastage Reduction’ challenge along with the erstwhile challenge of reducing electricity consumption. The main motive of Green opus is to exploit students’ spirit of teamwork and competition for inculcating sustainable and green practices in institute’s culture. So be a part of the movement, contribute to the environment that you are a part of.

“Be Responsible,


Help Your Pool Win!”

This year, Green Opus will be conducted in two phases, one in each semester as described below:

Phase I: Electricity Consumption Reduction Month (1st-30th Sept, 2011)

An Overview:

First phase of Green Opus 2011-12 kicks off on Sept 1st, 2011. It carries 60% weightage in Green opus 2011-12. Electricity usage readings for Sept 2011, from Halls Of Residence I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VII, IX, X and GH, will be monitored by GE3 members and authenticated by the Institute Works Department (IWD). Reduction in electricity consumption will be measured as a percentage change from the electricity usage during Sept 2010. So, junta! Stop wasting electricity, we will be watching you.

Judging Criteria:

  • Percentage reduction in per capita electricity consumption during Sept 2011 from that in Sept 2010 will be the primary judging criterion.
  • To take into account the limited scope of reduction for halls with low per capita consumption, a Hall Scaling Factor (HSF), based on the hall’s per capita consumption relative to average per capita consumption of all the halls, will be included in judging criteria.
  • Pools will get ranks on the basis of their percentage reduction in per capita consumption scaled by HSFs.
  • Hall 1, being mentor hall, will not be considered for judging.

Phase II: Mess Food Wastage Reduction Month

Weightage in Green Opus 2011-2012       :     40%

Tentative Competition Month                    :      January 2012

Details will be uploaded at appropriate time.

For any queries contact:

Divakar Naidu


Kapil Singh