Speaker:  Dr. S.P. Viswanathan (Bio Data)
Date:      19th October, 2010, Tuesday
Time:      5:05 PM to 6:00 PM
Location:  L-13 in Lecture Hall Complex
The presentation will describe the principles of the linear Fresnel system of concentrating sun’s
energy, development of the various components involved, and the experimental results obtained. A
video of the saturated steam gushing out of the exit will be shown. Also another video will show
production of direct superheated steam at 33 bar and 260 C. Perhaps thisis the first time it has been
accomplished in India.  The need for the selective absorber coating on the receiver tubes that maximizes
absorptivity and minimizes emissivity will be emphasized.

Using solar energy-generated steam KG Design Services is also engaged in desalination by multiple
effect distillation instead of the conventional reverse-osmosis method. A solar desalination plant
built before October 2011 will deliver 6000 litres / hour of desalinated water to the people of
Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.  There are also efforts underway to build India’s first solar-biomass
 hybrid power plant and to carry out research in algae cultivation for the sake of producing biofuel
and biomass.