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FPGA: Neural Networks

Wireless HDMI

Swarm Robotics

Brain Computer Interface

Stereo Vision

Wifi Localisation
Swarm Robotics
Kinect Hands Free
Interactive Bot
Hand Gesture Recognition using EMG
FPGA Image Processing
EMG: Hand Gesture Recognition
FPGA based audio processor
Hand gesture recognization using IMU sensor
Social Robot
Smart Handshake
Smart Lock
Mood Visualization
FPGA Music
Conway's Game of Life
Fitness Tracker
Survelliance Camera
3D Laser Scanner
Pi Enabled Tracking Bot
Aura Play
Laser Tag
Cashless Campus
Evo Mouse
Gaming Console
Hole in the Wall
Kinect Dodge Ball
Text Recognition
3D LED Cube
Smart Watch
Balancing Platform
Autonomous Quadcopter
Sixth Sense
Arduino Tablet
E- Glove
Mind Freaks
FPGA Calculator
Augmented Reality
Panoramic View
USB Slingshot
POV Animation
FPGA: Digital Designs
USB Keyboard Interfacing with Android Phone
Self Balancing Bot
Cloud Pad
FIFA Controller using Kinect
Friend Finder
Arduino Webserver
Android Applications
Intelligent Chatbot