"Its a dream of every human to fly and reach the sky; either in terms of glory or literally. This aspiration to be in the wind and above all gives thrill and when you cant do so, you resort to objects and make them fly."


Aeromodelling is the art of designing, building and flying miniaturized aircrafts (powered or non-powered). While Aeromodelling has reached a certain degree of sophistication, one can build a model plane from any material which may include Paper, Balsa, Composites so on and so forth. It is both a hobby and sport; the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involves the flying.

Aeromodelling activity is consists of two skills basically. One is modeling of Aeromodel and the other one is flying of that model. So lets have a look on both the skills one by one. The later is considered as a sport, hobby while the former is left to designers and aeromodellers. Many times Aeromodelling word is understood as flying of Aeromodel and this is more or less true since most of the persons involved with this activity are involved with flying skill mainly and building skill is left to commercial companies to build and create wealth. Some of the useful pages about Aeromodelling are available here. Go through the side menu items to look for your requirements.....